So, it’s the night before Results Day, but how do I sleep? We’ve all been there.

You’ve done your A-Levels exams, you’ve enjoyed the summer holidays, but that time is coming; the time when the examiners decide whether all of that revision, coffee, Netflix and/or sleep was enough to see you through to the grades you want. This time period can be stressful, but rest assured, this guide will calm your nerves and help you sleep a little easier!

1. Relax. 😌

Try to remain as calm and normal as possible. Go about your day like it was any other; play games, read a book, watch Netflix, go outside (pahahaha) etc. Whatever is considered normal, do it. There’s nothing you can do to change the past now, which leads me onto my next point…

2. You tried your best 😬

At the end of the day, you know deep down that you did everything you thought was right to prepare for those exams.

3. It’s not the end of the world 🌏

Whatever happens, there are options out there for every circumstance. If your path has to shift from its current course, it could just be because you were meant to go down that route in life.

4. Those results have been decided for weeks 🕺

  It’s true. The person marking your work marked that work weeks ago, maybe even months. It’s done and dusted, not on the day you receive your results but wayyyy in advance. Try to think of it as already done; it helps!

5. Keep remembering that question you know you nailed 💅

This might seem strange, but thinking about the positive moments of an exam might seriously help your confidence. Everyone has good and bad exams, but thinking about that one question that you know you definitely got right no matter what keeps the positive vibe within you going.

6. Go to bed earlier 💤

Having an entire holiday to do nothing might have knocked your sleep pattern out of shape. I know I personally stay up late when I have nothing tomorrow playing video games all night. With the days coming to that results day, maybe get to bed a little earlier just to make sure you’re tired at the right times in order to sleep properly on the night of your results.

7. Talk to people 🗣

It might have been an entire summer of catching up on your favourite TV shows, or playing video games all day and all night, with little-to-no communication with the outside world. Reconnecting with friends or other fellow humans could be a relaxing way for the minutes to tick down.

8. Check all your options 👀

 Make sure that you have a backup option in the case you don’t get the results you want. Have you looked into Clearing? Which path would you go down if the results aren’t what you’re expecting / wanting? Do your research just in case. 

9. You tried your best (again) 👏

I’m just reiterating this point. YOU TRIED YOUR BEST and there’s nothing else you could have done. 

I used Comic Sans. So what. 

10. Learn from what your results are 🤔

Whatever your results are, learn from what you’ve done well and what’s not gone so well and know what you need to work on in the future. Life is about knowing how to improve and get better at the things you need to do. So do it! 

I hope this helps! Good luck out there all 🙂