For some of you university is a time where you move away from home, in a city you don’t know and practically have to build your own life from scratch. So don’t be too hard on yourself when some of these thoughts cross your mind …

1. Why did I pack so much?

Freshers is an exciting time, where you over shop and overload your parent’s car, so it’s no wonder when you arrive at your accommodation you realise that you may have packed a little too much. But don’t worry, we’re sure everyone does this and in time, you’ll probably find a use for that cactus plant you purchased and even the seven baskets you thought you would use to organise your things in.

2. Laundry here … laundry there?

Ah, your dirty laundry, something you probably didn’t have to deal with on your own at home and so now this is what we would class as the ‘foreign territory zone’. Maybe it’s about time you learnt, do you really want to carry a suitcase of dirty clothes all the way back home? On the other hand, we wouldn’t be surprised if you stuffed your dirty clothes at the back of your closet.

3. Am I going to make friends?

Yes, you are, trust me. It may seem overwhelming and lonely at first but making new friends is all a part of the university experience. You and many others have all started the same journey together which already gives you something to talk about! So, make sure you attend those lectures, join some societies and get socialising!

4. Student Loan to Student Overdraft, where’s my money gone?

Try not to get too carried away during Freshers Week otherwise, you’ll be applying for an overdraft before you know it! You don’t want to hit the overdraft too early so try to be mindful of what you’re spending! Maybe take out some cash for a night out, that way you know exactly what you’re spending – leave the card for the emergency moments.

5. Can I tell my flatmates to pipe down?

Yes, you can. Just be mature about it and polite, ask them to keep it down if the music is too loud, but don’t bother talking to other flatmates about it behind their back, go straight to the source. 

6. The kitchen stinks …

Make sure you have a cleaning rota in place, otherwise the kitchen will always ‘stink’! Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic first, try and implement a rota from day 1!

7. Am I homesick? 

Don’t be embarrassed, feeling homesick is completely normal after all, this is a huge lifestyle change. Why not go to The Hub and have a chat with a counsellor if things get a little too much, make sure to call and visit home too! There’s no reason why you can’t.

8. Is that lecture really worth it?

For £9,000 a year, yeah that lecture is worth it! So make sure you got to it, the more you go to the less you have to catch up on.

9. Why didn’t I sign up to the doctors sooner?!

Freshers flu IS a real thing, so make sure you have your doctor on standby, because ‘the flu is coming’… 


After all, the madness is a part of being a student, and let’s face it a few years down the line when you’re looking back, you’ll be wishing you were a fresher once more! So go on, enjoy it while it lasts!