Halt the packing! Read this before you do anymore – you don’t want to forget the essentials when packing. Make sure you don’t forget your essentials when packing, here is a quick checklist you can use to check off if you have some of the most important things you’ll need!

1. Important Documents

Before you move in, check you have all the documents your accommodation and university needs. It’s better to prep the documents a few days in advance and to pop a folder of all the documents near the door the night before you are due to leave so you don’t forget! 

2. Chargers

Your charger is extremely important, as it can be quite costly if you forget yours at home and to be honest who wants that stress during their first night at Freshers? Make sure to double check for this before you leave as it can be quite easy to forget in a rush.

3. Medicine

Please don’t forget any medicine you may need especially if it is something you cannot get over the counter such as inhalers as it may take some time for you to meet your doctor in the ‘new city’ and get a prescription.

4. Toilet Roll

The last thing you want, is to have to pop out to grab some toilet roll when you desperately need to go. Be prepared and grab one from home before you have to hit up the local Tesco.

So there you have it, the four basic but very important things you need to pack first!