Want to make your room the place to be?! Then why not invest in these 4 nifty things!

1. Wireless speakers

It’s likely that while at uni, you’ll be travelling to different city’s with your friends for that infamous night out, so why not invest in some wireless speakers instead so you can ‘turn up’ wherever you are. Here are some great but affordable speakers by JVC from Currys for £29.99!

2. A Projector

Well, that’s if you have the perfect wall space for it! A projector will make your room the envy of them all. No need to go out for that all cinema experience, because you’ll have the biggest screen all to yourself at home! Check out this projector from Amazon for £59.99.

3. Lights and Lamps

Make your room a little brighter with some lights and lamps (if your accommodation allows it, check to avoid fines!). This idea can really make your room look a little more homely and you can find these from practically anywhere! So why not pop into Primark, Asda, Tesco, B&M and any other local stores to find some affordable decorations!

4. Games Galore

Who said you’re too old for some good old fashioned games. You may find that at some point, going out becomes a little too expensive or inconvenient at times but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Bring a deck of cards, some bean boozled treats … we all know how that one ends! Anything to make it a good night in.