Don’t be nervous, it’s going to be the best year of your life …

Travelling an hour to Birmingham, leaving behind (kind of, maybe a little exaggerated) what I’ve called home for the past 18 years, to settle in a city I barely knew for the next four years, I was beyond excited and slightly nervous.

I was fortunate enough to be moving in with my friend, while having the rest of my friends joining the same uni and pretty much living in the same block! But like any time of your life, you sometimes look back and think ‘God I needed some guidance’. Here are a list of short notes I would give myself if I could go back … but in reality I probably wouldn’t change it for the world!

1. Make NEW/ MORE Friends 

Make new friends, it doesn’t mean you’ll be ditching your own! You should have asked them to go movies or for a meal, it’s nice to meet new people but you would have gotten along better if you made that extra effort! Plus it doesn’t hurt to know a few people who go to your lectures.

2. Explore the city

There’s more to Birmingham than the Bullring. What I should have done… is my research! That way I could have explored the city and branched out a little. It would have made me a little less lazy during the day and I would have seen a lot more.

3. Lectures are important 

Like the majority of first years, I viewed my timetable as ‘optional’. I did well, considering my attendance was probably very poor. That is a regret and since then I have done my best to attend lectures. If I attended the lectures then really half the work would have been done, I mean honestly, Netflix wasn’t going anywhere, but your grades on the other hand…

4. Pasta isn’t the only thing you can make

Yes it was easy and convenient especially when your friend/flatmate cooked enough for ten! But in reality you were always a decent cook, so why did you get lazy?! Pasta overdose can make you feel sick and unhealthy, it probably would have been easier to open a can of beans and oven bake a potato, or to make some veg with pre-prepared marinated chickens! 

5. The Library isn’t too bad

To be honest it’s not bad at all. It’s lively enough downstairs to not feel like the only creature on earth and, upstairs, it has a zone where the silence is deafening. So really, you have no excuse to not go and revise. I bet if you do an hour a day, you will be much better off.

So there you have it! A few short notes I would give to myself if I could go back and boy do I wish I could, not necessarily to resolve the mistakes, but just to relive one of the best times of my life! I hope you get to say that a year from now!