Money is definitely one of the rarest, most sought-after commodities for a uni student. So, once you’ve got it, it makes a lot of sense for you to save as much of it as possible. 

It’s not nice being broke. Having no money, no friends, nothing left… We all say “yeah I’m gonna save loads, I’m not gonna buy any clothes, I’ll eat cheap food, and drink cheap alcohol”. Yeah – that doesn’t happen. It’s actually quite scary how quickly money goes… So, I’ve put together some fool-proof ways of saving yourself some cash while living away at uni:

1. Make sure you know your budget

Yes, it’s a little boring taking a look at your finances – where you spend the majority of your money, and where you can cut back. But, drawing up a budget for yourself is definitely the best way to start your journey to saving. Don’t worry – it gets better from here…

2. Work where you shop

The majority of employers, especially in retail, offer some form of discount to their staff – for example, Sainsbury’s give you 10% off your shop. Why not take a look and apply for a job at the place you get your food from? 
Not only do they offer you a good discount – they also pay pretty well. Two birds with one stone and all that. 

3. Look for student discounts

There are a number of different student apps with hundreds of discounts at your disposal – why not download Unidays? Or, try StudentBeans?

Being a student comes with loads of perks – one of the best is definitely the ability to get a discount in the majority of places. Being a student can get you a discount off of pretty much everything – whether you’re getting a new pair of jeans, or taking someone to the cinema. It’s all there. 

Even if you can’t find anything online – go on, ask someone. Be a little cheeky. Could save you a few quid. 

4. Shop for food in the evenings

If you’re prepared to shop around and wait until evenings – loads of supermarkets mark down perishable goods towards the end of the day. I know, nobody wants to eat out of date food. Good news – you don’t need to. Buy it and whack it in the fridge – it’ll be sound for months. 

Oh, yeah – don’t shop on an empty stomach. That’s such a bad idea.

5. Be that guy…

Remember that boozy night, where your friend had spent all their money and asked you for a fiver to fund their Maccies fix? Go on, be that guy – ask for it back. You can’t afford, as a student, to be giving money away. Nobody wants to be that guy, but sometimes you have to be. 

Would you rather ask your mate for a fiver back, or go hungry for a couple of days? Yes, it’s true – a fiver could be a couple days worth of food. Scary, isn’t it…

6. Forget a taxi – Uber is the way forward (unless the driver has to reverse…)

Uber has blown up massively over the past few years – with good reason, too. By using Uber, instead of a standard black taxi, you could save up to 50% on taxi fares. 

Also, thanks to SavetheStudent, you can also get £10 off your first journey using their promo code

Let us know if you’ve managed to score yourself a sweet discount in the comments below – go on, brag about it.