You probably have come to university with some expectations on what university will be like. Yes, there will be lots of clubbing, tons of freedom and some all-nighters at the library. Don’t take the freedom for granted; you will need to fit in getting work done around your party lifestyle and make sure your plates in the sink aren’t going mouldy (don’t be that flatmate). But what you see on TV and hear from people telling you it’ll be the best four years of your life can give you some slightly inflated ideas about the university experience, we’ve pulled out a few common misconceptions students have about being a fresher.

Expectation: Sleeping in till 2pm every day

Reality: You’re trying to stay awake during your 9am, which in university time is like 5:30am. BRTUAL. But nobody will sympathise with you, they won’t even notice, they’re just feeding their ASOS addiction and paying no attention to the lecturer talking right in front of them.

Expectation: You won’t need to do any work until final year

Reality: You may have more time on your hands than sixth form but the work is a lot harder; you will be doing more independent research and self-study. You shouldn’t have the mentality of scraping by each year, push yourself. Remember that employers will be looking at your first year grades when you apply for placement.


Expectation: Student loan means I’m rich

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Reality: Don’t think you are hun. Your first student loan instalment will most likely be the biggest lump you’ve had in your bank account. Don’t be tricked into the Bullring Student Sale, remember, it’s got to cover your rent, bills, books and entertainment.

Expectation: You’ll meet your future partner in first year 

Reality: University is a great place to meet people, sharing common interests and having similar ideals. In fact, research has revealed that 20% of British Students ‘meet the loves of their life on campus. Don’t panic if you don’t find the perfect match in your first year, there is still hope. 

Expectation: You think you have left enough time to do everything the night before an exam

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Reality: Disclaimer – we don’t condone sleeping in the library, especially if you snore. Trust, there is never enough time to do everything if you know you’re a procrastinator, start revision early and ensure you have completed your seminar work before exam season starts.

Expectation: Everyone will do their set tasks on a group project


Reality: No icebreaker activity will keep everybody in line for the duration of the project. Yes, you’ll get into disagreements and generate together monumental ideas, but that’s what makes group work so exciting. Wait, did I say group work was exciting?!

Expectation: You learn to cook and claim you’re the next winner on Masterchef


Reality: You’re standing there watching the pasta cook this time as you have left the pasta cooking (burning) for at least an hour, countless times before. Oh wait, it’s okay, you were watching Love Island. We can relate. Although you can’t disagree, there is no better feeling than dishing up a good ol’ English breakfast for your mates after a night out. Brownie points to the max – extra points if you cook your eggs sunny side up.