Also known as Results Day or the day that your life’s work at uni, the partying, the late nights, the overdosing on Domino’s, the crying, the laughter (the list goes on) is all bundled up into one grade… Seems a little unfair but that’s life and you’ll get used to it. 

I remember my first ever results day at university, I was nervous as hell and it was a ride or die moment. Firstly, MAP was congested so I couldn’t even log on. While I sat patiently waiting, palms sweating, I had to endure looking at snaps of my peers and listen to how ‘gassed’ they were about their grades.

But finally it was my turn. MAP had loaded. I ignored all my individual grades and scurried along to the bottom… I was ecstatic, not only did I manage to make my first year, the best year of my existence, I somehow also managed to get a decent grade! Emphasis on DECENT, I could have done better but I am sure we all ‘can do’ better.

Now I got to take a few celebratory snaps *insert smirk*.

You see results day can actually be the best or worst day of your life, but let me give you a little piece of advice…

If you are in first year, then don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve most likely never been to university before, found it hard to adjust to seminars, workshops and lectures, found it a pain to understand or even get through your reading. You were probably homesick for half the year, although you probably won’t admit it and… you get the jist! This year was more than about studying, it was a learning curve in life and you made it!

If you got below the expected average (i.e. the 40% pass rate), then talk to your tutors, ask for feedback and don’t neglect the fact that you can reconsider your degree, that is the whole point of your first year… to test the waters.

If you did get the 40% or above needed to go onto your second year then congrats! But remember, don’t be complacent, your second year is going to be tough! Especially if you are going to be searching for a placement, so use your summer wisely. This time aim for a better grade or if you already went above and beyond then do all you can to maintain it!