Feeling the pressure of final year? Stop, breathe and read these top tips on how to make yourself a sure-fire hire after uni.

1. Graduate scheme applications!

The sooner you start applying for graduate schemes, the better. Some applications can have very short deadlines, so give yourself enough time to apply. You’ll have university work, job applications and interviews to prepare for but just try to stay focused and organised – you’re on the home stretch!


2. Say hello to the Careers and Placements team 

The careers and placement team on campus is there to support students; take advantage of their experience and get help. They will be more than happy to check your CV, cover letter or give you interview tips. It’s a good idea to book a mock interview so you can get used to how they work – it’s probably been a while since you did that placement interview!

3. Attend careers fairs on campus

Aston has career fairs all through the year, make sure you take full advantage of them. This is your chance to meet big name potential employers and ask them any burning questions you might have. Remember, careers fair reps have been in your shoes once, they can help you a lot. 


4. Get your reference letter

Now that most of you would have completed your placement year, it’s great to get a reference from your line manager. Most potential employers will want to get a glimpse of how you performed during previous employment and it’s something really positive to attach to your job applications. 


5. Enjoy it

You’ve got this far so you’re more than capable of getting to the finishing line. Yes, there are always tight deadlines with university work and more job applications to write – but don’t forget to enjoy this crazy, special year!

Good luck. You’ve got this!