Christmas, Christmas time is near, time for toys and time for cheer! 🎅🏼

Christmas is coming and your flat probably wants to have a Christmas dinner celebration,*awww*, and you probably can’t be bothered… especially if they’re a bunch of randoms you rarely see. 😴

So here are some tips on how to avoid Christmas with the Flat… shhh don’t share this with anyone! 👀

1. Fake a Christmas Dinner with your actual friends 😇

2. Say you’re working late … and to save you some! 🕰

3. Pretend you’re going home and order a cheeky dominoes well in advance…

Hide in your room, put Netflix on, headphones in and voila, no-one has to know! 🍕

4. Be a total Scrooge and say “I just don’t celebrate the most wonderful time of the year”…

You’ll be lucky if your flatmates ever talk to you again! 😿

5. Agree to the dinner and just don’t turn up. Message them later and tell them you had to take care of your friend…

You completely forgot because you were just too stressed to even think about eating! 🤕

If you use any of these let me know how bad the consequences are. As for me, well I’ve got a flat Christmas dinner next week #goodluckme 🤞🍀