Sept '17 Barcrawl

Sept ’17 Barcrawl

What: Aston LGBT+ Society, for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans and anyone else – somewhere – on the sexuality spectrum, as well as heterosexual supporters (or ‘allies’).

Cost: £5 membership fee.

Covers: LGBT+ topical issues in society, such as relevant news items on movements, rights, developments and key issues within the LGBT+ community around the world. Also, meetings occasionally include trivia on a vast, wide range of topics such as (most recently) sexual identity.

Light-hearted content that the LGBT+ society covers in meetings include LGBT+ themed music, films, books and other media which may be of interest to members.

Members’ are invited to contribute with their own presentations. Recent input has included racism within the gay community, bi-sexual representation, and being LGBT+ with mental health issues.

Does: Weekly socials, including Laser Tag, Bowling, Museum visits, regular nights-out to the Gay Village and termly Bar Crawls, visits to Birmingham’s LGBT+ Centre.

When: Weekly meetings every term-time Wednesday at the MLK – 1PM prompt; followed by social food and drinks at Gosta green (no set time).