Oh the Library, the place your parents think you’re tormented to live in all day and night, when in reality you’ve just paused F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and whisper on the phone ‘Dad I’m in the Library, call you later…’ well that’s not true, is it? 

But here’s probably why, you’re not there…

The Gossip Girl/Guy 📞

Places themselves anywhere, when really they should be on ground floor or outside the Library, because they can’t stop gossiping about that girl or guy they saw ‘like omg 10 minutes ago, like holding hands with Mo when like he likes Michelle, like omg’ … no Susan, get lost and stop talking about Mo and his love life, when really you should be writing up your assignment that’s ‘like omg due in like 12 hours’. 

The one who eats the Crisps 🤤

This one has got the munchies, and who can blame them… I mean revising takes it out of you but do you really have to munch the Doritos that loud? I mean come on, stop squashing the bag, you ain’t gonna get anymore… just crumbs! 

The one who’s on the phone to his ‘bro’ 📱

“Yeah bro, I’ll be at yard like when am done man, this is bare long you know, omg bro, bro, bro…

[5 hours later] erm …. bro”. 

The one who might as well be a transcriber 🎹


To be honest, I think this is me. You type so fast you’re about to break the buttons on your keyboard in half. Everyone around you thinks you’re an obnoxious nerd because “you’ve got it all figured out” and someone probably wants to just smash that laptop of yours on the floor… In reality, you’re typing out copious emails as a cry for help.

Be like Zahra.