I feel very blessed to have been able to realise some of my life-long dreams

1. Attend a prestigious university in the UK, Aston University, and pursue my goal of achieving a Master’s Degree in Linguistics. 👩🏼‍🎓

2. Spend a snowy Christmas. Something that the city of Birmingham provided me, seeing that Christmas time coincides with summer time in Brazil, where I am from. ☃️

3. Travel to magnificent places in Europe, such as Bath, in the UK, and Paris, in France. 🛣

Christmas time in Birmingham in nothing short than magical. The German Market provides an atmosphere of joy and delight to everyone who visits the city this time of year.

It is a beautiful thing to see children, adults, families, couples, all having fun, eating authentic German food and having the time of their lives.

Millions travel to visit the yearly German Christmas Market

Even though it was the first Christmas I ever spent without my family around me, it was incredible to be surrounded by new friends celebrating this holly occasion.

Shortly after, on December 29th, I took the train to Paris, to meet my family, whom I missed dearly, to spend New Year’s Eve together once more. The happiness I felt was indescribable.

Paris is an intoxicating city. Its beauty, its culture, its je ne sais quoi, are unparalleled. This city is second to none. Spending this time here with my whole family (my two siblings; my mom and dad; and my grandma) is something that will forever be instilled in our minds and hearts, always remembered fondly.

The Eiffel Tower is just one of the amazing landmarks in Paris

I could not be any happier, and I am sure that 2018 will bring more joy and fulfillment into my life, and those around me. 

May you and yours have a fantastic New Year as well. 😊