Term 1 is done did and over with!

Well done to those of you who survived your first year at Aston!

Well done to those of you who got through second year where your grades actually count!

Well done to those of you who successfully survived part of your placement year!

Well done to those of you like me, who finally settled on a dissertation topic! 

Congrats y’all!

But reality is that Term 2 is round the corner and to be honest, who can be bothered? 🙄

Part of me as a final year is looking forward to calling it a day with all the assignments and exams, but part of me wants this year to drag so I don’t have to face them. 😶

Bedtime is best time.

Term 2 is difficult! 😭

You’re now in the swing of things and should be getting to grips with your work, but it’s also a time where you receive all your grades back mid work which honestly can be off-putting in itself. 😰

However, all you can do is better prepare yourself for it!

I’m sure term 1 came with many regrets, so try not to repeat the same mistakes again. 🔁

By now you should have learnt that it shouldn’t take 5 all-nighters to write a 2,000 word assignment, instead it should take a good few hours of solid work which I’m sure you can fit it on a Wednesday afternoon. ☀️

Don’t run away from your problems (or in this case, homework)!

You probably should have also learnt that not every night out is a good night, so pick wisely or you’ll be broke before term 3 even hits. 💸

You should have probably realised that going to the Library or Main Building to study is not all bad, and you should perhaps do it a little more often. You probably have realised a lot of things… 🤔

Who knew? Books can actually be helpful.

But hey, who are we kidding, you won’t change and neither will I, so let’s just power through like the typical students we are! Bring on term 2, we ain’t ready and never will be! 🙌 👏 ✌️