From the title, you can see what this blog is about. But let me reiterate…CLEARING IS NOT A BAD THING!

Now, if you didn’t achieve the results you hoped for, or you haven’t received an offer, know that this isn’t the end of road for you! The Clearing process is here to help you find the right course at the right university for you. It has gained an unnecessary negative reputation for being a daunting process where panicking students spend hours on the phone only to accept an offer from a university they don’t want to go to for a course they don’t want to do. But this is not true!

What is ‘Clearing’?

Clearing is the word that prospective students’ dread, but they shouldn’t! It’s the process that universities use in order to fill any empty spaces on their course by altering their grade boundaries.

Many universities, including Aston, are changing the way they conduct their clearing process with the ultimate goal of making it as student friendly and stress-free as possible. Sometimes it’s easier to chat with people online to discuss your options. That’s why Aston have introduced the ability to apply and accept your clearing offer through social media! Click here to find out how to do that.


Clearing isn’t a bad thing

If you’re grades weren’t what you hoped for, you still have a chance to go to university. Courses with empty spaces will lower their grade boundaries to fill spaces so if you only just missed out, all is not lost.

Alternatively, if you smashed your exams and did better than your predicted grades, you can choose to apply to a university higher in the league tables.

In either scenario, through clearing you’ll be able to find available courses and contact the university directly to discuss the possibilities of being offered a place.