It’s the summer where you received your A-Level results and you’re going to university, so you feel the need to prepare yourself for the next step. Here are 8 things that will probably happen to you…

1. You’re excited at the thought of moving away from home, feeling free and taking charge of your own life.

But inside you’re secretly feeling scared about what’s to come. This is understandable because you’re about to take a big step in life and things are going to change.


2. You and your friends wanted to plan a crazy fun summer full of activities.

But in reality you’re all broke and your idea of a great day out is the McDonalds drive-thru.


3. You want to celebrate, hang out and do fun things with your friends. You’ll spend a long time trying to work out times and dates when the whole friend group are available.

So long in fact that the whole summer has now disappeared before your eyes and you’re already halfway through the first semester of uni.


4. You start getting closer with people, in particularly the guy/girl who you’ve always only viewed as a friend until now.

You’ve had your fun but you must try to work out how you can maintain a long distance friendship/relationship while asking yourself “why is this happening to me now?”


5. Part of you wants to forever hug your friends because you’re scared of moving to uni and not finding people who relate to your level of weirdness.


But the other part of you knows that you’ll find your people and you’ll make amazing memories – while still keeping in touch with friends back home.


6. You’re excited for a fresh start somewhere new where no-one knows all the embarrassing things you’ve done.

But you’re also worried that you’re new friends will find your old pictures and weird statuses on Facebook and proceed to question your new friendship.


7. As move out day comes closer, you’ll notice that your parents will try to hang out with you more and smother you.

They might cook you your favourite food or let you pick the activity for ‘family day’. They just want to spend as much time with you before you spread your wings and fly the nest.


8. You want to enjoy your summer and relax, but in the back of your mind you’re super nervous and stressing about this important step you’re about to take.

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