Author: Akhil Bhatia

First Year You VS Final Year You

Although university is almost over for some, let’s explore how you have changed in your time at Aston from first year.   Fresher Events First Year You First year, First week! Why stop at a few nights out, why not go out every night this week and enjoy the Aston Fresher’s with all the other fresher’s who are looking to experience the ultimate Fresher’s week? How does that saying go again? Go big or go home! <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> Final Year You This week seems like such a drag, with all the...

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How to secure a graduate scheme in 2018

Still haven’t secured a graduate scheme? Even though it’s 2018, it still isn’t too late to find a graduate scheme.    Keep researching Continue researching potential employers, some graduate schemes are released after January. Companies still offer work placements and taster days to final year students. Use your placement year experience to really stand out from other applicants. Research target companies and schemes in depth Many organisations offer a range, such as EY, which offers auditing, tax , advisory and technical consulting schemes. Understand what’s involved in each career sector and be ready to answer questions about it. Find out what the...

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How not to just survive, but THRIVE, in your final year!

Not everyone looks forward to their final year. Trust me, it’s a scary year. But NOT impossible to do great in. Graduate study or work, whichever you choose, can be something very exciting to look forward too!   1. To do lists There’s a big jump to final year, there will be a lot for you to remember. It can be hard to keep track of assignments and exams, as you may have a few of each. Here is where you need a to do list! This will be a great way to stay organised in final year, trust me, you...

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Top 5 Tips For Final Years

Feeling the pressure of final year? Stop, breathe and read these top tips on how to make yourself a sure-fire hire after uni. 1. Graduate scheme applications! The sooner you start applying for graduate schemes, the better. Some applications can have very short deadlines, so give yourself enough time to apply. You’ll have university work, job applications and interviews to prepare for but just try to stay focused and organised – you’re on the home stretch!   2. Say hello to the Careers and Placements team  The careers and placement team on campus is there to support students; take advantage of their...

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