Author: Alex Hopkins

5 things to do before you head off to University

Heading to uni is a scary thing – trust me, I’ve done it. So, take it from me, there are a number of things you need to get to grips with before you actually get there. Otherwise, you may struggle…  First of all, let me say congratulations on getting into uni – it’s not easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it, right? Wait, never mind… Given that it’s such a big thing in your life, you should be going into it completely prepared. That’s where I come in – using my first-hand experience, I’m going to talk...

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The *OFFICIAL* #AstonGrads playlist

This is definitely one of the most memorable moments of your life – Graduation. Not only does it mark the end of an era, it also symbolises the beginning of your next life chapter. It probably won’t really sink in that you’re about to graduate until you walk across the stage, and accept the scroll of paper that you’ve worked so hard to get. Only then will you realise – university is over. The past few years of blood, sweat and tears have all contributed towards this very moment. Whether you’re going to get emotional, or get drunk and...

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