Author: Claire Simpson

5 Things I Learned After My First Week Back

Placement withdrawal symptoms? You’re not the only one. My return to university was quite the experience, here’s five things I learned after my first week back at Aston. 1. I just got old Is it just me or is anyone else feeling like they forgot to bring their zimmer frame to campus since they got back? I’ve seen at least a dozen new faces who look barely out of kindergarten let alone sixth form and I’m fairly sure I’ve spotted a couple of kids who’d just had their junior prom when I was doing my GCSEs. Placement wasn’t that...

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Top Ten Tips from the Class of 2017

Anyone starting back at Aston this term has probably noticed the giant board in reception with advice from students on what they’d tell their first year selves. I take a look at the top ten tips from the graduating Class of 2017 to see whether there’s any truth to their pearls of wisdom through my trusty final year eyes. 1. Don’t let the first few weeks of term overwhelm you and remember that it is normal to feel unsure at university…just breathe! Agreed. Going to university might seem like one of the scariest things you’ll ever have to do but...

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Like all milestones in life, freshers’ week will have its very own soundtrack you’ll play over and over in your head for years to come. To give you a taste of what to expect I’ve put together the ultimate freshers’ playlist, from some of the biggest songs of 2017 to classic tracks that frankly need no introduction… The Rebound Song Song – Shout Out to My Ex Artist – Little Mix Why – One of this year’s biggest tracks, this one’s for all of you on the rebound this freshers’ week. The Summer Smash Song – Feels Artist: Calvin...

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What to Look Forward to as a Second Year

It’s freshers’ week. Uni is buzzing with events, society fayres… and the faint whiff of vodka. It’s the start of a new year. A week-long booze fest to celebrate the arrival of all the new faces on campus. Then comes that awkward moment when you realise, you’re not one of them anymore. You’re a second year. The honeymoon period is finally over. Grades now count towards your final degree. Your own freshers’ week is nothing more than a distant, somewhat blurred, memory. But fear not. If you’re getting the second year blues, here are a few things you should remember...

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