Author: Dec Bowring

Places in Aston that you might not know existed

Aston has a few quirky spots that are mostly hidden from the students and staff at the university – and a couple of interesting ones that aren’t hidden, but you need to know where they are. The Woodcock Sports Centre used to have two swimming pools. The ground floor-up was revamped to be part of what is now the weights and gym section of the sports centre, but the original  site of the pool was not filled-in. The former pool structure is still intact, complete with tiling and scaffolding to support the structure above ground. There are even remains...

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How to settle back into uni after the holidays

It’s a New Year, and uni doesn’t wait for anybody. Exams will finish within the next two weeks for most of us – as well as a new term of lectures. Here’s a few tips for coming back from home to start Term 2 off the right way. Use the Libraries The Uni library re-opened today at 8AM, and will be 24 hours for the rest of the exam period before term 2 begins. As well as the resources you’re familiar with, the Library of Birmingham  (which also reopens today) has a wider range of resources which can help...

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South Birmingham: Cooler than the City Centre

With Aston’s campus being just a ten-minute walk from the middle of town, is it easy to forget about the rest of Brum. Although the City can boast a gorgeous urban park just behind Aston (Eastside), nightlife in Broad Street, Digbeth and the Jewellery Quarter, as well as an array of museums, there’s a lot to be found just a short bus ride away: explore South Birmingham for a day out. Not bad for a £4 daysaver on the bus. Bus routes are in brackets; all departures from Moor Street. King’s Heath (50 bus; 24 hours) If you like...

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