Author: Emma Bangura

Sexual Health at Uni: Types of Birth Control

University is the time where you meet a lot of new people and indulge in new relationships. Dating becomes a regular thing which means there’s a lot of ‘first times’. First love ❤️, first heartbreak 💔 and first sexual partner… 👅 During this time, it is especially important to take control of your sexual health. Approach it in a positive manner and be well informed about the facts within this area, as well as knowing the range of support and resources that are on offer for students. *Disclaimer, I am not a doctor or have any form of medical...

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10 Thoughts every fresher has !

As a fresher, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be nervous. It’s your first time in the big ambiguous world of university! Here are some thoughts every fresher has to reassure you that you are not alone ! 1) “Omg will I make any friends?” Yes, you will everyone does! Everyone is in the same boat just speak to everyone especially people that are on your course. You could help each other with tests and coursework and much more! Just be friendly and say hi to people, you never know you could be saying hi to your next best...

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Freshers finance dos and don’t’s

Uni has started and the student finance has dropped in to your bank account. This is probably the most amount of money you’ve ever seen in your account, am I right? So what is the perfectly normal thing to do? Go out and spend it of course! But not so fast. If you spend it all now you will pretty much be broke for the rest of the term. Which is probably not the best idea as you may end up eating pot noodles for up to 12 weeks. In the words of Kim K…. 1. Budget, Budget, Budget...

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Where to shop on a budget

As a student now is the perfect time to experiment with your style and express yourself in various ways. One of my favourite ways of expressing myself is through clothes! I love everything about fashion, however, I do know as a student it can be hard on a budget and still look great for any occasion. Luckily, there are so many places that you can get great clothes from that won’t break your bank. In this post, I’m going to be showing you some quick really simple tips on how to get great clothes for cheap! Your best friend –...

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Emma’s guide to moving in!

Moving out from home can be quite a daunting experience but also, so exciting! It’s the first step to getting some well earned independence and the beginning of some great memories that are about to be made. Like most prospective students, they won’t have a clue of what to pack or bring with them to uni. Some might forget everything, some might want to bring the whole world with them. Fear not, I’ve already made the mistake of packing too little and being hungry within my first week with just my bedding and laptop to my name. Here’s a little...

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