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Placement experience at Stanley Black & Decker

Want to know more about A fellow Aston Student’s placement experience at Stanley Black & Decker? Read our guest blogger Ryan’s blog to find out more!       Hi, my name is Ryan! I am now 7 months into my 13-month placement at Stanley Black & Decker and so far, it has been a valuable experience. The first month was a crossover month; the old and the new intern undertake a transition period. I was taught by another Aston student from the previous year, this was useful to learn the tasks I would be undertaking throughout the year...

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Exam stress? Read our guest blogger Harjap’s tips on how to ace your exams and survive the exam season! ✊ The festive season is over and now the exam season has arrived. It’s my third year at Aston so I know how tiring and stressful this period is, so I thought I’d share some of my tips on how to unwind and look after yourself. Create a schedule 📅 I know this tip is used over and over again but I can’t help but stress how helpful and useful creating a schedule is. Planning your day in terms of what topic...

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Spring came, but someone forgot to tell Birmingham | Guest blog by Alexandre Albergaria

This past week has been beautiful, filled with snow all around the city of Birmingham. Aston University’s campus has been particularly lovely. People all around campus, building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights, overall just having the time of their lives. 😊 Strangely enough, this past week also marked the beginning of Spring, and the end of Winter. 🍃 Despite this shift in seasons, snow was still coming down all week. From frozen canals, lakes, white streets, and cars hidden by the snow, Birmingham has been a sight for sore eyes. The city has never looked so beautiful. 😍 So, if...

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Christmas in Birmingham, New Years in Paris | Guest blog from Alexandre Albergaria

I feel very blessed to have been able to realise some of my life-long dreams 1. Attend a prestigious university in the UK, Aston University, and pursue my goal of achieving a Master’s Degree in Linguistics. 👩🏼‍🎓 2. Spend a snowy Christmas. Something that the city of Birmingham provided me, seeing that Christmas time coincides with summer time in Brazil, where I am from. ☃️ 3. Travel to magnificent places in Europe, such as Bath, in the UK, and Paris, in France. 🛣 Christmas time in Birmingham in nothing short than magical. The German Market provides an atmosphere of...

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4 Tips to Remove the Pressure of Dissertation

The second term has started again and the holiday season is officially over. With it, this term brought the added pressure of writing the MA dissertation. I wanted to write this post to give a few tips for all of you out there also facing this quest. 1) Think of a dissertation topic ASAP ⏳ This will enable you to find the essential literature surrounding your topic, as well as give you enough time to start thinking what it is that you really want to write about. 2) Think about data collection 📝 This is extremely important; as you...

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