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EVER WONDERED WHAT YOU CAN DO IN FRANCE DURING THE FESTIVE SEASON? READ OUR GUEST BLOGGER HANNAH HINE’S EXPERIENCE. The festive season has arrived! Getting to experience Christmas in France is one of the best things about placement year. I have done a few things during these last few weeks in France and I will be sharing these in this blog.     Christmas felt like it began in mid-November here in Grenoble, as the university I study at was filled with skis, boards, boots, poles and all sorts of snow accessories and clothing for an event. The event,...

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Looking to go away over the festive period? Read guest blogger Marija’s placement year travel tips for some inspiration.   Time flies when you are having fun! Before starting my placement, I was told by other students that the time would fly by and here I am nearly half way through my placement wondering where the past six months have gone! While the 9-5 work schedule doesn’t leave me much spare time during the week, I always try to make the most of my weekends. After a hiking trip to Norway, I paid a visit to Italy and managed to see both Venice and Rome in just three days!!...

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Going abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity | Guest blog by Hannah Hine

I’m Hannah and I’m currently on my placement year abroad, so I thought I’d use my experiences so far to share some of my tips on why you should consider doing exactly the same – you won’t regret it!  You can conquer a new language!  The great thing about undertaking a placement abroad is that you can learn a new language. I am studying and working abroad with the sole intention of improving my French and have incorporated speaking French into my daily routine. I deal with my accommodation, banking, shopping and also my classes are in French, which helps...

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How to find the perfect placement!

It’s that time of year again where thousands of students apply for placements across the UK. If you want to get the perfect placement, take note of some of our guest blogger Harjap’s tips and tricks that will help you on your placement search! Apply! Apply! Apply! Don’t just apply for just one or two roles, apply for many as you can. You aren’t guaranteed to get the first role you apply for as it is really competitive. I applied to around 40 companies before I got my placement. How? I made sure to apply for at least one or two positions per...

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3 reasons to do a placement

I went to Aston knowing that everyone is encouraged to do a placement year, yet even towards the end of second year, I still had no idea what I wanted to do. Read our guest blogger Hannah Hine’s reasons why you should do a placement! Hi my name is Hannah and I am currently doing a study abroad placement in France. I’d recommend a placement year to everyone – here’s 3 reasons why: 1. It can help you to distinguish yourself from other people when you apply for jobs Employers value students who have undertaken a placement. You will have...

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