Author: James Pavey

8 Online Apps EVERY Student Needs

I’m a self-confessed digital geek 🤓 and have far too many apps (explains why I have a 128GB iPhone), Google Chrome extensions and around 60 bookmarks, but they allow me to be more efficient when it comes to research, revision and general living. Here are a few of my favourite tools that you may find useful: If you have any good online apps, why not share them in the comments below! 1. Grammarly Grammarly is a free English language spelling and grammar checker where you receive real-time detailed explanations on your spelling and grammar mistakes on the internet. You also can...

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Freshers: Expectation vs. Reality

You probably have come to university with some expectations on what university will be like. Yes, there will be lots of clubbing, tons of freedom and some all-nighters at the library. Don’t take the freedom for granted; you will need to fit in getting work done around your party lifestyle and make sure your plates in the sink aren’t going mouldy (don’t be that flatmate). But what you see on TV and hear from people telling you it’ll be the best four years of your life can give you some slightly inflated ideas about the university experience, we’ve pulled...

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10 Types Of People You Meet At University

The people you meet at Freshers Week will be some of the people you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life. From all different walks of life, they’ll help define your uni experience. Here’s a few of the characters you’ll encounter… 1. The bookworm This eager beaver came to make the most out of their £9k – to study. Fresher’s Week is an unnecessary evil to get through before the real fun starts. They’re probably already following their lecturers on Twitter and best pals with their tutor by the first lecture. Although they might seem like a...

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5 Reasons Why Placement Year Is A Good Idea

We all know that graduate employability is always on our minds at university and the topic can certainly stress us out. After all, we all came to university to be well equipped for the big wide world. Here are 5 reasons why I think doing a placement year is beneficial for you. 1. You put theory into Practice 10 minutes into the lecture…Placement provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learnt to real-world problems. From market segmentation to Fourier analysis (Second theory I have no clue about – I just googled something engineering related…), what you are...

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How to Prepare for University Over the Summer

University can seem daunting, and the unknown even more so. Do these 5 things and you’ll be more than ready for the journey of a lifetime in September… 1. Do some reading Let’s get the ‘boring’ one out of the way first. No one will expect you to have read the entire recommended reading list (and some people don’t read anything) but doing a bit of reading before you go will certainly do no harm. Look at your syllabus, see what interests you and have a read. Not only will this give you a head start but it’ll get...

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