Author: Kamran Ali

Unofficial Geese Facts

You may have noticed when walking on campus that our favourite animal, the Goose, calls Aston University it’s home. To get to know our favourite neighbour better, here are some wild geese facts (some may be opinion 😶). 5. They are the most fearless animal in the world  Everyone on campus knows how brave this member of the anatidae family is (anatidae is the science name for a bird). I have looked out the window of the library and seen students running from these beasts, which brings me to my best fact… 4. They can smell fear Geese demand...

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Kam’s Rules To Passing Your Exams

I procrastinate too much. First term lectures were a lot to deal with and now that I have nothing on my timetable, it is quite easy to just sleep until noon and get some extra hours on FIFA… ⚽️ But I’m not allowed and neither are you! The Christmas holidays are over, and now it is time to kick it up a gear. You need to make sure you get a good grade (or at the very least, survive)!  I have made myself some rules to follow for the exam season, I recommend you follow them too if you don’t...

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UCAS Fairs – what to do next?

So you’re interested in uni, you’ve been to a UCAS Exhibition and found a bit of info about some degree programmes, but what’s next? 💭 1) Decide which path you want to take 🏃 Unlike applying to college/sixth form, you cannot apply to an unlimited amount of universities, you only get a choice of 5 courses you can apply for via UCAS. You can apply for multiple course at the same uni or pick 5 different unis, but your choice is still limited to 5 options. Since you only get to pick 5️⃣ courses, you need to decide which path you’re taking!...

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Do you know everything about the new attendance system? Don’t worry… We’ve got you covered!

Over the summer each room was fitted with a black box. You may have seen them 👀, they have a screen with the current time and make a sound when you put your ID card near them. What are they? 😮 Those black boxes that you see in your lecture rooms aren’t there as a clock, they are part of the “MAP Check-in” Attendance Recording System. The university is now marking the attendance for every lecture on your timetable. Not just your lecture though, anything that is on your timetable, such as labs and tutorials, should also be scanned....

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#AstonFreshers is over… make sure you know how to survive the rest of uni!

You’ve survived Freshers, congrats. From teambuilding exercises to going out every night for the sesh, it was a good week and now it is time to get serious! You have completed your first week of uni and now have realised this isn’t the same as Freshers. You are now in your first term of university up until January. Your 15 years of education has led to this point and if you were to survive secondary school, you’ll be able to hack this degree jargon in no time. 1. Attend lectures (as much as possible!) 🏃 Your sleep pattern is...

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