Author: Kamran Ali

The 4 Best Burritos in Birmingham 🌯🌯🌯

Brum is full of a mix of food diversity, including burritos🇲🇽. You can do anything with a burrito; cuddle🤗, cradle👐, eat🍴. If you say you don’t like them then you’re a liar. Here are my four favourite places for the best cuisine money can buy.   1. Mission Burrito One of my favourite places to go on a Wednesday is Mission. Student Wednesday give 30% off their meal with a student ID🤑. That alone is enough to give it a try – if you like your fillings to be juicy then this is your place. The burrito is often dripping...

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How to make friends during Freshers’ Week

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brummie or if you’re an international student, everyone gets that same anxious feeling. If you are worried about making friends, you’re not alone. 1. Facebook Groups I managed to find a group chat with people doing my degree the month before I was due to start. I added them on Facebook and before I had even stepped on campus, friends I’ve still got today. If you get nervous when you’re in a new environment, you can use the official Facebook group for Aston Freshers or search for your halls groups on and have a chat with...

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5 Annual Events you need to check out in Birmingham

The Second City. Surely with a nickname which makes every city outside of London obsolete, we’d have to prove it? Brum has multiple events and attractions which bring millions in every year, here are just 5 which appear yearly. 1. German Market German markets pop up all around the UK during the Christmas season, but not many are as authentic as the one in Brum. From currywurst sausages to feuerzangenbowle beer, anything you’d expect to find in the markets of Frankfurt, you can expect to find in Birmingham. 20 years ago, Frankfurt City Council set up the idea of a German...

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