Author: Kamran Ali

What’s going on at Aston Freshers?

The first week of uni is the most exciting. For most, it will be the first occasion you experience adulthood and with that comes freedom of choice. Aston Freshers’ has a lot of events happening to get you settled in to your first week of university. This post will tell you about some of the best events happening… What to expect? Freshers’ week isn’t just all about waking up with a hangover the next morning, it features a range of events. The key to Aston Freshers’ is to chat to people, everyone will be approachable. They will be in...

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Spending Summer doing an Internship at Aston

Spending my summer break at university taught me more about Computer Science than I could have ever expected. When I was speaking to second year students on my course, a lot of the time they were talking about placements. Some students were struggling to find a placement, whether it was due to location or job role, they were not hearing any offers… It isn’t like I can just skip my placement year… “Getting experience before your graduate will give you a better chance of getting a job”. We are always told how important placement year is, however you can’t just...

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Digital Ambassadors do A-Levels

All because a group of students study the same degree programme, doesn’t mean they have all taken the same route. There are many different ways to get into the course of your choice, here are how our Digital Ambassadors ended up at Aston! George: After getting some abysmal AS Level results, a lot was riding on how well I did in retakes as well as final A Level results. I studied Business Studies, ICT and History (a mix bag I know!) and the AS grades I got for them were D, D and C respectively. Aston required three B’s (BBB)...

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The 4 Best Burritos in Birmingham 🌯🌯🌯

Brum is full of a mix of food diversity, including burritos🇲🇽. You can do anything with a burrito; cuddle🤗, cradle👐, eat🍴. If you say you don’t like them then you’re a liar. Here are my four favourite places for the best cuisine money can buy.   1. Mission Burrito One of my favourite places to go on a Wednesday is Mission. Student Wednesday give 30% off their meal with a student ID🤑. That alone is enough to give it a try – if you like your fillings to be juicy then this is your place. The burrito is often dripping...

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How to make friends during Freshers’ Week

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brummie or if you’re an international student, everyone gets that same anxious feeling. If you are worried about making friends, you’re not alone. 1. Facebook Groups I managed to find a group chat with people doing my degree the month before I was due to start. I added them on Facebook and before I had even stepped on campus, friends I’ve still got today. If you get nervous when you’re in a new environment, you can use the official Facebook group for Aston Freshers or search for your halls groups on and have a chat with...

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