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8 things that will happen to you during your last summer before uni

It’s the summer where you received your A-Level results and you’re going to university, so you feel the need to prepare yourself for the next step. Here are 8 things that will probably happen to you… 1. You’re excited at the thought of moving away from home, feeling free and taking charge of your own life.  But inside you’re secretly feeling scared about what’s to come. This is understandable because you’re about to take a big step in life and things are going to change.   2. You and your friends wanted to plan a crazy fun summer full...

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YOU GOT IN!…now what?

First, let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS!!! Going to university is an incredible experience full of highs and lows, and I’m almost certain you’ll meet people who will become friends for life! But it is also a chance for you to grow and become strong enough to withstand the physical, mental, figurative and literal tests coming your way. Now that you’ve achieved the grades and accepted your offer to come to Aston University, you’re probably thinking… Here’s a little checklist of things to complete before you move to Birmingham! 1. Accommodation & Flatmates Now that you know you’re coming to...

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Why Clearing isn’t a bad thing

From the title, you can see what this blog is about. But let me reiterate…CLEARING IS NOT A BAD THING! Now, if you didn’t achieve the results you hoped for, or you haven’t received an offer, know that this isn’t the end of road for you! The Clearing process is here to help you find the right course at the right university for you. It has gained an unnecessary negative reputation for being a daunting process where panicking students spend hours on the phone only to accept an offer from a university they don’t want to go to for...

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How to apply on social media on Results Day

For some of us, we may not have achieved the grades we wanted or needed for our firm or insurance choice universities. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road! Clearing is an opportunity for you to apply to other universities and for them to fill spaces they have available. You’ll be able to find available courses and contact the university to discuss an offer for the course you’re interested in. It’s understood that Results Day is a scary day for most, with emotions flying everywhere. For some, you’re unsure as to where you could be spending...

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9 ways to keep calm before Results Day

Results Day is an incredibly big day for students with hopes of progressing onto the next step in their education. I’ll never forget the emotional roller coaster I was on during the build up to the day where a piece of paper would ultimately tell me my future. It can be an extremely scary time so it’s vital you remember to look after yourself, both mentally and physically, in the running up to Results Day. Here are my 9 tips for keeping calm before Results Day:   1. STAY ACTIVE  Exercising can help reduce the intensity of stress on...

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