Author: Zahra Jussab

Late night writing – The unedited truth

How many of you stay up late to write your essays? Yup. Just as I suspected, 99.9% of you. I’m a part of that 99.9% and boy do I regret it EVERY TIME!  Some of you won’t have to write an assignment until April or May. Some of you like me, have a dissertation to think about. I’m literally writing the introduction as we speak, yes I’m a multi-tasker. I honestly feel so silly, I’m a final year student, writing up a dissertation, yet I don’t even know how to form a coherent sentence that explains what my dissertation...

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Honest Student Thoughts

Term 1 is done did and over with! Well done to those of you who survived your first year at Aston! Well done to those of you who got through second year where your grades actually count! Well done to those of you who successfully survived part of your placement year! Well done to those of you like me, who finally settled on a dissertation topic!  But reality is that Term 2 is round the corner and to be honest, who can be bothered? 🙄 Part of me as a final year is looking forward to calling it a...

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How to stay well in this cold!

It’s freezing as we speak. The windows are rattling and the wind or shall I say ‘Beast’ is making the most of its torture and so let’s face it, the snots are coming. Fear not I have 5 tips to help you stay well in this wretched cold! Herbal Tea, Herbal life. Stock up on some green tea, honey, lemon, chamomile tea, you know the whole Twinings section and then some! Herbal teas are great for keeping the immune system in check, calming and soothing your soul and probably the best drink to have during the cold.    ...

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Awkward Seminars

We all have them … you walk into a class, and everyone has ‘friends’ and all you have is a notebook, pen, and your best-friend called ‘iPhone 6s’ what a bae.  Honestly, don’t you just miss school, a place where you walk into a class and have a bunch of friends saving you a seat, and everyone knows who you are and well, joining a group or sitting in pairs is easy peasy. I do, I miss those days, and I hope I’m not the only one. Personally I think or I find it hard to integrate with class...

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4 types of people at the Library 🤫

Oh the Library, the place your parents think you’re tormented to live in all day and night, when in reality you’ve just paused F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and whisper on the phone ‘Dad I’m in the Library, call you later…’ well that’s not true, is it?  But here’s probably why, you’re not there… The Gossip Girl/Guy 📞 Places themselves anywhere, when really they should be on ground floor or outside the Library, because they can’t stop gossiping about that girl or guy they saw ‘like omg 10 minutes ago, like holding hands with Mo when like he likes Michelle, like...

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