It doesn’t matter if you’re a Brummie or if you’re an international student, everyone gets that same anxious feeling. If you are worried about making friends, you’re not alone.

1. Facebook Groups

I managed to find a group chat with people doing my degree the month before I was due to start. I added them on Facebook and before I had even stepped on campus, friends I’ve still got today.

If you get nervous when you’re in a new environment, you can use the official Facebook group for Aston Freshers or search for your halls groups on and have a chat with other new Aston students – they’re in the same boat as you!

2. Fresher’s Weekday🌞

If you weren’t able to find anyone doing your degree on Facebook, then you at least have Fresher’s Week to cover you. Before you officially start your university degree, you’ll have an icebreaker week to get used to your new surroundings.

Your lecturers will introduce themselves and there will be the opportunity to arrange drinks or other events with your new coursemates. This is the time to make that one friend who you will be your bestie by the end of the week.

3. Fresher’s Weeknight🌝

Two strikes and still no luck? Well, there’s always drinks!

Aston Students’ Union host events for all the first years during Fresher’s Week. If you can’t become friends with a drunken fellow first year, who can you truly become emotionally connected with? Even if you don’t drink, you will have at least one person who will force you to dance!

4. Societies & Clubs

Let’s say your new drunken friend is avoiding you after embarrassing themselves on the dance floor, your last resort are the clubs and societies. Fresher’s Fair is the place where all of the different clubs and societies at Aston come together to show you the different things you can get involved in. 

The only way to make friends is to get involved. Even if you are only slightly interested, become a member. Attend the events they run, there are even taster sessions (a bit like the girl getting drenched in kayaking above!) where you can give it a go. The first get together is the one not to miss – from memory, there pretty epic. 

5. Tinder🤳

Finally, if you’re not having much luck or just haven’t found your type of person even after taking my advice, there’s Tinder. Set your Tinder distance to 1 mile and start swiping right rapidly. 

But don’t do this…