Moving to university can be a difficult time. It can be even more difficult when you have no idea what your next meal is going to be or where it’s even going to come from! Don’t fall into the ‘take away’ trap. Do yourself a favour, save your money (and your health!) with these cooking hacks…

1. I’m feeling toastie …

Buy yourself a toastie/sandwich maker and fill it up with all kinds of goodness. Invite friends over to enjoy a toastie treat from tomato and basil to Cajun chicken and jalapeno, whatever your heart desires! You can pick up a bargain at Argos from just £9.99.

2. Potatoe, Potato

Buy a bag of potatoes and use it to make some homemade creamy mash, roasted potatoes, marinated wedges or even the traditional jacket. I’m sure the bag will last longer than a bar of Wispa and a packet of Walkers. 

3. Be smooth…

Not one to eat the recommended 5-a-day? Would rather eat a whole bowl of nachos in bed, while watching an episode of Friends? Can’t say I blame you but let’s leave that for cheat day! Why not grab yourself a Smoothie Maker from Argos for just £18.75 and get your day started just right!

4. Wrap up!

Grab a bag of tortilla wraps from the local campus Tesco and cook up a fiesta! You can prepare these with your fave filling and leave them in the fridge for the next day. Or why not warm them up on a pan to have with a curry? If you feel like pushing the boat out, make a quesadilla to really show off your skills!

5. The Mason Jar snack

Why not grab yourself a set of Mason Jars and fill them up with your fave treats to grab on the go!? You could add in an assortment of nuts, pretzels, or even some of your favourite fruit. Grab a set from Amazon for just £7.99 on sale!


So there you are 5 top tips to avoid the take-out trap. Go on, get cooking – you know you want to!