Let’s face it. The day before Results Day is stressful! You just can’t seem to get the thought of tomorrow out of your head no matter how hard you try. Keep calm! Follow these 6 steps on how to relax and we guarantee that you’ll have a stress-free Pre Results Day!

1. Watch TV/ a movie

What better way to take your mind off things than by watching your favourite TV series or movie? Grab a bowl of popcorn and plop yourself in front of the telly. This is the one time when binge-watching is acceptable and even recommended. Personally, I’d recommend Game of Thrones because – well, do I really need to give a reason? Dragons, wars, queens, kings, epic battles and Kit Harrington! What’s not to like?

2. Listen to music

Listening to your favourite tunes is a great way to block out your worries and relax! Plug your headphones in and sing along to your heart’s content. The team here at Aston Life has put together a mind-blowing Pre-Results Day Playlist to get you through the day (and night).

3. Read a book

We’ve all had those times when we become so emotionally invested in a book and its characters that the world around us just seems to melt away and we find ourselves in a whole other reality. And all from the safety of our bedrooms! So get your favourite book out (Harry Potter, obviously) and read away.

4. Play a game

This one’s for the gamers out there. Whether it’s FIFA, Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, boost up your game console and get playing. It’s hard to worry about your results when you’re busy scoring goals and smashing heads in.

5. Work out

Working out is a great way to relax your body and your mind. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins which reduce stress and improve your sleep. So get the lads together for a game of footy or hit the gym, it will give you a much-needed mood boost. 

6. Get artistic

Let your creative side out to play. Bust out your old paintbrushes, construction paper, modelling clay and GLITTER! Research has shown that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent. FYI, colouring in isn’t just for kids anymore. (Staying within the lines can be hard alright).

7. Go for a walk

Ah, there’s nothing better than a bit of fresh air to perk you up and help you relax. Go for a stroll in the park with your dog and be at one with nature. Or if that isn’t an option, take a little walk around the corner and get yourself some chips from your local chippy. Chips always help.

8. Spend time with the family

Family. Love them or hate them, they’ll always be there for you. Get the fam together and spend some quality time together. Spending time with loved ones has been shown to reduce stress so plan a family day out, go for a picnic or simply sit down to a nice meal together. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to about your worries and strife so who better to do that with than mum/dad?