The people you meet at Freshers Week will be some of the people you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life. From all different walks of life, they’ll help define your uni experience. Here’s a few of the characters you’ll encounter…

1. The bookworm

This eager beaver came to make the most out of their £9k – to study. Fresher’s Week is an unnecessary evil to get through before the real fun starts. They’re probably already following their lecturers on Twitter and best pals with their tutor by the first lecture. Although they might seem like a good friend to make, during seminars, be prepared to get shut down with their fierce argument that they constructed in the library the night before.

2. The rich one

Living off Daddy’s credit card, there will never be a bare moment where your Snapchat or Instagram is not full of their outings to Pizza Express or them “having fun” at Mooch every week. They find it hard to relate to the fact that you’ve been living off 28p Tesco noodles the past week, the plus side is they won’t notice if you eat some of their organic, palm-oil free peanut butter.

3. The recluse 



4. The lightweight

Most likely haven’t heard of a Jägerbomb and will have perfected the spitting-into-a-bottle trick on Coyote Ugly during Fresher’s Week. Lightweights are always up for a night out because you just know they’ll find a way to get back to their flat in time for bedtime. Don’t allow them to play drinking games, especially beer pong, as you will most likely end up drinking for their drunken mistakes.

5. The DJ

They first ask for WiFi, then for an AUX cable wherever they go. They will hog your Spotify playlist and “forget to cue”. The halls DJ is essentially the person who has the worst taste in music and insists on playing it the loudest. If you want free entry and guest list superiority, it’s best you don’t confront them with the truth. Naturally nocturnal, self-proclaimed DJs are either out Shazaming’ the latest music in the club or at their computers, attempting to produce something that resembles music.

6. The gap year

“So yah, in my gap year…”, is a common phrase that leaves the mouth of one that has taken one. You can usually spot one that has been on a gap year: they wear harem pants, they’ve hung up Buddhist prayer flags and hold a view that they know how the world works, better than you, apparently.

7. The BNOC

To save you asking Google, BNOC stands for Big Name On Campus. They’re probably part of several societies and will befriend anyone who can aid their stellar reputation. Whether they’ve gained superiority through their strong political views on social media or their drunken performances at Sesh on Wednesdays, across campus, they will somehow become the subject of conversation. Behind a Big Name On Campus, there are many more smaller names, each of them just as important.

8. The know it all

They’ve always done something bigger and better than you, period. You’re going on holiday to Spain? They’re off to Saint Lucia. They will always have something to comment or worse, lecture you on the matter. A pseudo-geek who secretly has a wingman behind the scenes to help them out on their studies. Maybe their ‘know-it-all’ trait is an addiction to the pleasure of the feeling of being right?

9. The slacker

You often wonder why this person is still at uni, they’re probably not the best person to go to if you need help on evaluating the political policies to tackle the European debt crisis. They will however, be able to give you a weekly update on the events happening across Birmingham. It’s probably best you learn from their mistakes and attend your lectures.

10. The best friend

The cliché “university is where you make your friends for life” is true (for most students). Through the arguments, friendly-insults, drunken voicemails and are privy to your secret prejudices, they still love you for who you are. You regularly tag each other in memes and the first to like their new Instagram post. Sharing the same views including who you dislike, every moment you spend with them is never wasted and you’ve got all the Snapchats to prove it.