These guys work for you, represent you and make sure your voice is heard. Without further ado, here are your Aston Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers for 2017/18! 

Reema – President

Hi guys! My name is Reema and I’m your Aston Students’ Union President for 2017/2018. So, I do a lot of things with University Senate and Council and more – making sure your voice is heard! For some not so interesting student responsibilities, I am also on the Board of Trustees and I run Executive Committee. My primary role is to make sure that I voice your ideas, concerns and thoughts to everyone at the Union and changes are made for your benefit in the end.

Despite being under 5 ft don’t underestimate my power and capability in running the union. If you ever want a chit chat about literally anything or vent some student anger come down to my office on 3rd Floor or drop me an email on

Good things come in small packages! 

Alice – Vice President Welfare

Hi! My name is Alice Coombes, I’ve just graduated from Aston with a Psychology & Sociology degree and I’m your new Vice President of Welfare!

What does “welfare” mean exactly in a student context? I’m here to look after your general wellbeing, and support you throughout your student experience! I’m also here to help make any difficult periods as smooth as possible, whether you are finding yourself in some financial difficulty or feel there is a cause we need to be representing, you can always drop me an email, phone call or just find me in the Students’ Union and we can have a chat.

Maybe you have an issue or are worried about a friend and you don’t know who to speak to, I can certainly point you in the right direction. Come and say hi if you fancy a coffee! My email is

Sam – Vice President Student Activities 

Hi everyone! I’m Sam and I’m your newly elected Vice President of Student Activities. I’m here to help you have as much fun as possible outside of your academic studies.

I’ll be the one filling your calendar with events and will be helping all the club and societies in getting you involved. Going to university is not just about getting a degree, it’s about making friends, having a laugh and enjoying yourself and I’m here to help you achieve this.

You can find out what clubs and societies we have here: The office is always open so come say hi! If you’d like to drop me a message, my email is

Amna – Vice President Education

Hi there, I’m Amna and I’m your elected Education Officer. My job revolves around making sure YOUR student voice is heard on all academic matters, and I work closely with the university to make this happen.

I want to make sure you have a great time at Aston University whilst studying your degree, so if you have any questions about the usual educational stuff just drop me an email at or catch me in my office for a chat!