As a fresher, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be nervous. It’s your first time in the big ambiguous world of university! Here are some thoughts every fresher has to reassure you that you are not alone !

1) “Omg will I make any friends?”

Yes, you will everyone does! Everyone is in the same boat just speak to everyone especially people that are on your course. You could help each other with tests and coursework and much more! Just be friendly and say hi to people, you never know you could be saying hi to your next best friend for life.

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2) “how soon will I make friends”

Some people make friends instantly, others take some time. However, don’t be discouraged there is no right or wrong time scale of forming friendships with people. This will soon quickly become the least of your problems in uni when exam season hits and you’re up to your eyeballs in work ☹

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3) “Will I like my course?”

If you read the course outline and really considered your choice beforehand, then you will undoubtedly enjoy your course. Try to get as involved as you can, by getting to know your lecturers to joining academic societies. This will help in the long run for times when you may need some academic support there will always be some around to help you. Alternatively, if you find that you do not want to study your course anymore, not to worry as you can always change on to something different (providing you have the grades for it) just make sure you speak to some student advisers so you can make an informed decision.

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4) “Will the course be to hard/workload too much?”

A great thing about Aston is there are a variety of testing methods from quizzes to essays, presentations, group work and exams. This means that the workload is evenly spread out and you can see where your testing method strengths are, you get plenty of time to complete each task so the key thing here is time management! So, don’t leave things till the last minute because that’s when the pressure really piles on.

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5) “Will I like my housemates?”

This is usually a hit and miss for some people, however most of the time everyone’s flat mates are lovely! Just try not to be a recluse and respect people’s property in the kitchen. Make it clear of the things you are willing to share and not share and you should all live in harmony!

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6) “Will my housemates be clean?”

This is also a tricky one. One thing I had to learn is that everyone comes from different upbringings, some people were pampered and never had to lift a broom a day in their life! Others have major OCD and would like everything to be spotless. Try to establish a cleaning rota or just adopt the ‘everyone cleans up after themselves’ rule.

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7) Which leads on to… “Will my food get stolen”

Some of my food got stolen in the first year ☹. However, I found a way to go around it! Keep some dry snacks in your room and other stuff which you think would be a prime target for some sticky fingers. In the kitchen, keep some tinned food and fresh fruits & veg (things that you would notice are missing). Ultimately, it’s unlikely that your food will get stolen if your flat mates are cool people so not to worry!

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8) “Will I always go broke?”

There will be times when your bank account will be super dry ☹ But this is all easily avoidable. Try to save some money aside during summer or just implement a budgeting plan. I’ve written a blog post on how to budget whilst being at uni so check that out!

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9) “How will I cope without my parents?”

Everyone gets a little home sick from time to time and remember if you miss them no matter how far they are they will always be a phone call away. University is all about establishing your own independence but sometimes it can be hard so don’t be too down about it. Bring some stuff from home which will remind you of them like some pictures and some teddies. Make your home away from home a bit more comfortable to help you feel less home sick.

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10) “What societies should I join?”

This is all entirely up to you! It’s the perfect opportunity to try things you’ve never had the chance to in the past. Aston have so many societies you can choose you’ll be spoilt for choice! Make sure you go to the SU and check out the societies department they should be willing to help you with your choice.

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