The first week of uni is the most exciting. For most, it will be the first occasion you experience adulthood and with that comes freedom of choice. Aston Freshers’ has a lot of events happening to get you settled in to your first week of university. This post will tell you about some of the best events happening…

What to expect?

Freshers’ week isn’t just all about waking up with a hangover the next morning, it features a range of events. The key to Aston Freshers’ is to chat to people, everyone will be approachable. They will be in new surroundings, a bit nervous and looking for new friends, just like you!

When does it start?🌞🌚

Aston Freshers’ officially starts Saturday 16th September. Expect both daytime and evening events, you don’t have to go to any of them but you should go to as many as possible! This is the perfect time to meet people outside of your course before your first week of studies begins.

If you don’t know where everything is, you will do by the end of Freshers!

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, the SU (Student Union) will be having a BBQ outside B4 Bar 👨‍🍳. While you’re there you can also pick up a wristband/ticket for the first evening event, The Welcome Party!

If you only want to go out a couple of times during Freshers’, the first event and last event are always the ones you want to go to. They are the busiest which obviously mean the most fun.

Monday 18th 🗺

If you’re new to Birmingham, or just don’t know the area that well, there will be trips to the local supermarket, to the city centre and the rag market throughout Monday to Wednesday. The tour will give you a better idea more than Google Maps ever could. 

If you already know Brum quite well around, Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre (The Aston Gym) will be offering the chance to play Bubble Football from 1pm! ⚽️

Jord, bossman of AstonLife, will hosting a quiz!

Tuesday 19th 🏎 🏎

One event which is going to sell out quick is the Go-Karting Taster Session! If you think you’re the fastest Fresher, join the racing club outside the SU from 4pm (only 12 spaces so get your tickets while you can).

During the evening, Jord is hosting the Big Fat Freshers Quiz 2017 over at the SU. There is a chance of winning £250!

Alternatively, if you are looking a quick way of making friends, MLK is offering Speed Friending (with mocktails) during Tuesday evening.

There is no awkwardness like Speed Dating, but still as fun!

Wednesday 20th 👯

Left to right; Goldierocks, Too Many T and Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer

Who doesn’t love a festival? The SU will be hosting Astonbury Street Festival with everything you need for it to be memorable. Music, art, street food, bars and more during the day but it really kicks off at night.

You can expect this to be biggest night of Freshers with four rooms hosting Astonbury Festival. Artists such as Goldierocks, Mr.B, Too Many T’s and more will be packing out the SU.

Thursday 21st 🎮 

Instead of planning your weekend, you’ll be too busy with the amount being offered. Starting the morning will be Freebie Fair where you can get your hands on a loads of stuff which doesn’t cost you a penny.

After carrying as much freebies back to your flat, the Mountaineering Club is offering a taster session in what the club does best – rock climbing.

B4 Bar is then offering the chance for all competitive gamers to win some prizes. Games including; FIFA, Mario Kart, Tekken and Guitar Hero will all have tournaments to see who is the best of the best at the uni. ⛰️

If you have had an enough of alcohol after, there will be a non drinking night for all your tame party animals.

Friday 22nd 🎫

One of the, if not the busiest day events is the Freshers’ Fair. Every society and every club will be in the building trying to convince you that their society is the best society to join. Aston has over 100 clubs and society to consider joining, they all run awesome events through the year which you usually have the chance to participate in.

Check out the Facebook and Twitter pages of each society and club, you can see all the past events they have ran in the past! You can find all the clubs & societies on the Union website – here.

Saturday 23rd 🚌

If you’re new to the UK, or just don’t explore the country often enough, there will be a day trip to Manchester! If you have never been to the UK’s 3rd city, go! It is without a doubt worth the journey.

The official VisitManchester offer an amazing map of all the things to see & do while you’re there!

Sunday 24th 🍿📽️

After all these astonishing events, you can recuperate at the SU with some popcorn for Big Chill & Cinema. There will be a selection of movies, games and food throughout the day to make you are relaxed before term starts the following day.

…And There is still a lot more!

There are still more events which are happening across the uni throughout the week, check out the Daytime Events and Evening Events pages!

Also check out the official programme for full details about every event! #AstonFreshers