Over the summer each room was fitted with a black box. You may have seen them 👀, they have a screen with the current time and make a sound when you put your ID card near them.

What are they? 😮

Those black boxes that you see in your lecture rooms aren’t there as a clock, they are part of the “MAP Check-in” Attendance Recording System.

The university is now marking the attendance for every lecture on your timetable. Not just your lecture though, anything that is on your timetable, such as labs and tutorials, should also be scanned.

How does it work? 🤔

It’s simple!

You place your uniCARD on the top right corner of the scanner. Don’t remove it straight away, leave it in the top right hand corner until the reader makes a “bleep” sound. A green light is displayed on the reader.

However, don’t panic! Aston give you plenty of time to check-in. You can check-in 10 minutes before your session starts all the way up to 50 minutes after the session starts. For example, if your lecture starts at 11am then you can scan between 10:50am to 11:50am.

Even if you’re 45 minutes late, you can still check-in!

If you have any problems then you will need to contact The Hub, who are located off the Upper Foyer on the ground floor of the Main Building. 

Why? 🤷‍♀️

The university want to see how many students attend lectures so they can use this data to improve Aston. For example, if students who attend sessions are getting the same grade as students who don’t attend sessions then the uni will act on this to see why this is happening.

There is currently no attendance policy, you aren’t going to get kicked off your course for not attending a lecture, so don’t worry about it. Just remember to scan your uniCard when you attend your sessions!

Check out the Student FAQ on the new check-in system to get all the low-down!