Not everyone looks forward to their final year. Trust me, it’s a scary year. But NOT impossible to do great in. Graduate study or work, whichever you choose, can be something very exciting to look forward too!


1. To do lists

There’s a big jump to final year, there will be a lot for you to remember. It can be hard to keep track of assignments and exams, as you may have a few of each. Here is where you need a to do list! This will be a great way to stay organised in final year, trust me, you need this.. You will realise that the pile of work is decreasing bit by bit.

2. Work hard, play harder

Just because it’s final year, don’t think of it as all you can do is work. Enjoy the nights out as they come, it’s good to do the occasional night out. Just make sure you work through that hangover the next day so you’re not too behind on work. 

3. Ask for help

You won’t ever be the only one that struggles with uni work. If the pressure is getting too much then talk it out, either with friends or with tutors. Just getting some advice from somewhere, will help take some of that pressure off. 

4. Stop worrying about next year

Sometimes the most worrying thing can be job applications, the deadlines, interviews etc.. This adds even more pressure, which obviously isn’t great. So, why not keep a clear focus on your goal, work hard in the week, so you can spare a day only for applications. 

5. Keep everything in perspective

Everyone wants to do great in their final year and you will. But, you need to try and enjoy the year too. Take a different approach into your last few months, enjoy them! As hard as it is, enjoy the projects and the work. Look back on what you’ve accomplished and savour things, before you leave forever.

Good Luck !!