I procrastinate too much. First term lectures were a lot to deal with and now that I have nothing on my timetable, it is quite easy to just sleep until noon and get some extra hours on FIFA… ⚽️

But I’m not allowed and neither are you! The Christmas holidays are over, and now it is time to kick it up a gear. You need to make sure you get a good grade (or at the very least, survive)! 

I have made myself some rules to follow for the exam season, I recommend you follow them too if you don’t wanna waste spending £9k. 💰


1) No Social Media 🚫📱

While you probably found this article on Aston’s Facebook or Twitter, that doesn’t mean we still want you to be using it (at least until after exams)!

Stop using social media!

The main cause of procrastinating is social media. When you’re on Aston Replay, I bet you have at least checked Snapchat once during the recording. Do yourself a favour, throw your phone to the other side of the room and forget about it during study time.

Don’t throw your phone at your wall. Aston is not responsible for any phone damages.

Bonus points; temporary disable your social media accounts until after exams! If you feel like you won’t be able to cope… you may be a social media addict. 😳

2) Make a sensible timetable 📆

Many times throughout my student life, I have made a timetable which I know I’m not going to follow.

“Okay, so I’m going to wake up at 9am, every morning! Then, I’m going to study all day until 6pm and do this everyday until exam week!”

Be realistic… if you haven’t done any revision this term, then don’t lie to yourself and think you can handle 15 hours a day of pure study. ⏳

Set yourself some goals each day which are achievable for you. For example, tell yourself you want to get through the lecture 1 material by the end of the day and work from there. Eventually, you’ll find your rhythm and get the hand of this timetable stuff. 🎶


3) Don’t rely on exam papers! 📝

While exam papers are a wonderful revision tool, and I still recommend you use them, don’t expect them to save you! 

All because some exam papers have had similar questions for previous years, don’t expect similar questions for this year too. Students who took the 2012 exam would of learned a different module specifications change to you, some questions are outdated and can now even be wrong in some cases.

Different lecturer writing the exam, tougher mark scheme, there are many elements which will be different. Don’t use exam papers as your main revision plan, only use them to test your knowledge. 🧠

4) Sleep Sleep Sleep 🛌

Everything you revise will not stay in your brain, unless you give it chance to sink! 😴

Don’t neglect the brain or it might leave you…

Give yourself at least 8 hours sleep! If you don’t have a healthy rested mind, you will just everything harder for yourself (plus, having an extra hour in bed isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do). 

5) Don’t cram! 💭

If you think you are going to get a good grade by going over everything the night before, then I’m afraid that is impossible. 😭

You won’t get 12 weeks of content stored in your brain within one night. You will learn the hard way if your attempt this, you will be disappointed… 😢

If you haven’t already started your revision and are breaking all of these rules, you need to start! Literally, start right now. It’s super important and you won’t regret it once you get your good grades back. 😎

Good luck! 🤞