Hey guys, Sarah here (first year psych student), I thought I’d write a little about how I found my first ever term as a university student. Because basically, it’s NOTHING(!!!!) like your first time starting school or college- nothing like that.                                                    


Remember when we all started college or Sixth Form? Finally happy about getting to wear our own clothes rather than uniform? Well, now we are actually adults. I actually felt like an adult once uni started; no one is nagging me to do work or giving me a lecture about ‘my future blah blah blah’, FINALLY. 


                     *Not my notes, but they look good so let’s just pretend that they are.

Mate, we have so much time to ourselves… It’s not 9am to 4pm anymore, we actually get to sleep in some mornings, and if you are blessed™ like me, you even get two days off in the middle of the week! (Miracles do happen, have faith). But, this freedom of time has really taught me to time manage my assignments which is super essential to uni life tbh. 


My course falls under social sciences and truly, I understand why they call it ‘social’ science, I had no idea we were going to have so much group work to do! It’s honestly one after the other and then another one and then once you think it is all over – guess what? There is another one! It’s all part of being a student. It’s not even that group work is bad but more about the tonnes of group chats that have now infiltrated my innocent life, which brings me to my next point…


If you are anything like me, you hate any chat with more than five people and that is just friend group chats; what is even more challenging or should I say ‘mind-numbing’ is group chats with new people. Why? We all practically know our friends timetables off by heart but planning times for group work over group chats is a challenge that people need to write guides for. Do not even get me started on big group chats where random people start joining your chats. Don’t forget group chat beef LOOOOOL! This is me when there is group chat beef.           

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(Now let me get to Aston specific first term stuff)


The door is a revolving door which is very symbolic for how I see my soul circling my body as it leaves me for good because those doors FRIGHTEN ME! It is a skill entering and exiting them, but I have hacks for you guys, don’t worry. Three people can easily fit in one section and get through as long as they waddle like penguins and not take big strides. (Disclaimer: 3 people who measure around the height 5’3 can fit together- please do not try this if you’re 6 ft. 10,000).


Let’s just say that being a first year navigating through the Main Building is like walking in a maze (or Lucy in Narnia but without the happy smile). It has been around three months and I am pretty sure I have only seen 2% of the building, it’s like the bloody ocean. I am pretty sure anyone who is in any way affiliated with the MB only knows where their rooms are, otherwise it is a whole new world on every floor (and between floors). It wouldn’t even be surprising if I walk onto a floor one day and there is a lake at my feet with a forest in the near distance.


Boi, we have a couple hundred people on my course, after a lifetime of classes with only around 25 people. Gassed. I thought I was prepared but I was not. I swear new people join my course every day, I see new people every lecture? HOW? I’m familiar with about 10 people and then the rest is like a small village. 

Now I know a lot more has probably happened since I’ve started uni but those are all I can think of right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a follow up post.

Till then, byeeeee.