You may have noticed when walking on campus that our favourite animal, the Goose, calls Aston University it’s home.

To get to know our favourite neighbour better, here are some wild geese facts (some may be opinion 😶).

5. They are the most fearless animal in the world 

In most scenario, if you had the choice to fight a goose or a bull, you would choose the goose… unless you’re an Aston student then you know how dangerous they can be! 

Everyone on campus knows how brave this member of the anatidae family is (anatidae is the science name for a bird). I have looked out the window of the library and seen students running from these beasts, which brings me to my best fact…

4. They can smell fear

Geese demand respect. They can tell the difference between fear and respect, and if they think you’re disrespecting their turf, they will belittle you.

If you have been trapped by a gang of geese behind the library, follow these bullet points… they could save your life:

  • Don’t blink your eyes 👁👁
  • Maintain eye contact 😳
  • Never turn your back 🏃‍♂️
  • Phone security for help 👮‍♂️
  • Give them your wallet 💳

Be careful out there. It’s a dangerous world. 😨

3. A goose is on Aston’s official coat of arms

Let’s change from why Geese should be respected to more joyful facts…

If you have never walked through the main entrance, you may never have seen our official coat of arms.

To mark the University’s 50th anniversary, the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Julia King, requested a new coat of arms.

I think the modern arms closely reflects what our campus represents, our much-loved Canadian Goose (and it also has a red squirrel, but that isn’t as cool).

2. Bread isn’t their first choice of food! 🍞

“All I know is that a duck’s opinion of me is very much influenced over whether or not I have bread.”

-Mitch Hedberg

While I have fed them bread before, bread doesn’t have the nutrients they need to survive. Just like us, they need a balanced diet! 

If you want to feed them, here are some healthy suggestions for our friends ☺️:

  • Chopped lettuce or other salads 🥗
  • Peas/Corn (no need to cook – make sure they are defrosted!) 🌽
  • Oats (uncooked) 
  • Rice (cooked or uncooked) 🍚
  • Seedless Grapes (cut in half) 🍇

1. Even though they are fearless, they make great pictures! 📸

When they’re not surrounding you, they can look cute.



The #astongeese are so cute🐤 #helloastonuni

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