I’m Dec – a final year English Language Bsc at Aston. I’m openly gay. In light of LGBT+ History Month UK starting today, I want to reflect on being a gay student at a Uni like Aston.

The LGBT+ Society is one of the most popular experiences for an LGBT+ student at our uni. I hadn’t been to anything of the sort before, so this was exciting. Three years down the line, I made some of my closest friends, best memories and biggest uni experiences from being in the society. It truly shaped my social life here.

Other students, some who don’t attend LGBT+ but still identify as LGBT, say they enjoy being at Aston because of the diverse studentship, close proximity to LGBT+ nightlife, and the social networks they have developed around campus.

To hear more about my experience at Aston being gay, and some other students’ feeling about being LGBT+ at Aston, see our vlog below: