We all have them … you walk into a class, and everyone has ‘friends’ and all you have is a notebook, pen, and your best-friend called ‘iPhone 6s’ what a bae. 

Honestly, don’t you just miss school, a place where you walk into a class and have a bunch of friends saving you a seat, and everyone knows who you are and well, joining a group or sitting in pairs is easy peasy. I do, I miss those days, and I hope I’m not the only one. Personally I think or I find it hard to integrate with class members at uni, I feel as though, I literally don’t know what to talk about and to be quite frank I don’t think they do either. It’s important to have course mates, but to be honest, it can be hard to make them. 

This is probably worse now than ever, as I’m in final year already and to be honest everyone’s got their course ‘mate’ already. See that’s why you shouldn’t miss lectures or sit right at the back with iPhone, maybe you both should move around the room, and try to be more social.

I’ve been told I’m easy to get along with, a social butterfly, someone who’s talkative and loves a good chat, but to be honest, when you pop me in a seminar I’m no words, no smile, no laughter, just mundane. I think it’s an internal thing, maybe I just can’t be bothered, it’s a ‘get in get out’ situation until you have to discuss the topic with someone else and literally have no-one to talk to!

Maybe iPhone and I need some space, maybe it’s time to move on …..