It’s freezing as we speak. The windows are rattling and the wind or shall I say ‘Beast’ is making the most of its torture and so let’s face it, the snots are coming.

Fear not I have 5 tips to help you stay well in this wretched cold!

  1. Herbal Tea, Herbal life. Stock up on some green tea, honey, lemon, chamomile tea, you know the whole Twinings section and then some! Herbal teas are great for keeping the immune system in check, calming and soothing your soul and probably the best drink to have during the cold.

      2. Make some soup. It’s cheap and easy and let’s face it, the most veg you’ll probably eat in one sitting will come from your batch of soup. Your body needs the goodness.

      3. Don’t run out in the snow with just a robe on, just don’t, you won’t make a good meme, you’ll fall ill, and worst of all, you’ll probably regret it for two weeks whilst staring at the batch of antibiotics on your bedside table.

      4.  If you’re sick then just stay in, going out every day that you’re unwell just adds another day to you being unwell and feeling like crap. If your body needs a couple days rest then go for it, you’ll be far more behind on work if you push yourself when you’re sick. 


So follow these tips and hopefully you won’t get a bad cold but I mean you probably already have one …. so …. good luck and go see a Doctor if you need to!