How many of you stay up late to write your essays? Yup. Just as I suspected, 99.9% of you. I’m a part of that 99.9% and boy do I regret it EVERY TIME! 

Some of you won’t have to write an assignment until April or May. Some of you like me, have a dissertation to think about. I’m literally writing the introduction as we speak, yes I’m a multi-tasker. I honestly feel so silly, I’m a final year student, writing up a dissertation, yet I don’t even know how to form a coherent sentence that explains what my dissertation is actually about. 

Ugh, I just feel like smashing some plates!

But then again, I won’t be able to afford new plates anyway… so I best save that coping mechanism, for when I’m earning the big bucks! I feel like students put up a facade when in uni like ‘Oh I’ve totally written 2,000 words of my disso’ or ‘ The disso is kind of easy to be honest, i’m not worried’ Oh Susan, what a load of crap. The disso is not easy, yes it may be easy to think of an idea, or to have knowledge on a topic, but when you begin to write this thing, you realise how little you actually know! 

It’s crunch time, from now until April and I really ought to get my act together, and you reading this, I suggest you do too, because you’ve got way too much time on your hands, if you’re sat there browsing the Aston Life Site.

Thanks for reading about my 5 minute breakdown. I’m good, thanks for wondering.