Heard the buzz about Varsity on campus this week but not really sure what all the fuss is about? Strap yourself in because you’re about to learn why this week you should be rushed off your feet supporting your fellow students as they go to battle in a range of competitions against BCU.

Varsity is all about Aston and BCU coming together and competing in various sports with each result adding points, win or lose to their universities total. At the end of the week the points are tallied up and an overall winner is announced. Whether your interest lies in football, netball or even something as adrenaline inducing as mountaineering, we have students putting it all on the line to gain points for Aston. You can view all of the fixtures here.

However, without the backing of their fellow students this competition loses its spark so it’s imperative that whether you can make it down for 1 event or 20 we all show our support and get behind our team mates to give Aston the best possible chance of success in this prestigious competition.

So starting this Saturday whether you’re with your friends, family or flatmates make sure you’re ready with your voices primed for a week of support. Scream and cheer for our Eagles or Stags, rowing team or tennis heroes, push them on towards a hat trick of victories for our university, that not only gives us bragging rights over them AGAIN but shows why Birmingham is ours.