Could A-Level results day be the worst day of your life? Na, you’re just stressing too much. 🙅‍♀️

You may be worried, even really anxious, but all of uni students have been there and can honestly say you’re worried over nothing… just make sure you do the following… ✅



Doesn’t matter if you got top, medium or bottom marks on your exam, you should still be proud of what you have achieved. 15 years of education (more for some of you…) has led up to this moment! 🤓

Make sure you at least celebrate it! Go get a Nandos, go hug your mum, jump up and down on your Insta story. This day is about you, so show off your grades. 🕺


After you’ve spammed your WhatsApp group with party emojis (🎉🎉🎉), the next thing to think about is Clearing.

Clearing is when universities lower their grade boundaries for courses, to try and fill up all the spaces.

Clearing isn’t just for people who didn’t get their first or second choice. Clearing also gives people the chance to go to a different university, even higher in the league table. 🔝

Have a look at some universities you wouldn’t mind joining for the next 4 years. Their websites will have grade requirements for Clearing, course modules and people answering all your questions! 🗣

If you’re interested in a particular uni, then they will help you with your new application on Results Day!


After your place is confirmed, then it is time to get prepared for university! Forget about buying notebooks and highlighters… let’s have some fun. 💁‍♀️

Go looking for your new course mates!

Everyone will be excited and looking for people who are also joining the uni… so try and find some people attending your uni, or better yet the same course as you!