Author: George King

7 Reasons to get involved with Hackathons!

Whether you’re tech savvy or simply a novice when it comes to computers, Hackathons are open for every student to come and explore all kinds of wacky ideas. Here’s why you should get involved in them! But what even is a Hackathon? Let’s start by saying what a hackathon isn’t. It’s not a place where people go to hack people, companies or other. We don’t look to break in to other systems, or steal information.  Here’s the definition by Google: Hackathon noun an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative...

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5 of the Best Spots to take Landscape Photos while at Aston

So you make yourself out to be a budding photographer? Here are 5 places to take great photos from whilst at Aston (and in Brum) 1. Main Building, 7th Floor One of the easiest places to get to, simply take the Sky lift all the way up! From here you’ll get stunning views of all of Brum, including most of the city centre.  2. On top of C4 (accommodation block) One of the tallest buildings on campus provides one of the best views; views such as the BT Tower, the Bull Ring as well as most of campus. If you get access, be sure...

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A year in the life of a Computer Science placement student

Being on placement at Code Wizards Limited for a year has changed my life… and for the better too! That’s a bold statement, but is it true?   Yes, yes it is! At Code Wizards, I’ve done all sorts of projects, many of which involve researching into potential gaps in the market and exploiting them in the way that seems best. Before going off to work for Code Wizards, my consumer awareness and time-to-completion skills were essentially null (pardon the pun). Moving over from university where the coding you do has a pretty lenient deadline, working at Code Wizards has made...

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