Author: Kimberly Chong

A Taste of Home in Brum

Let’s get straight to the point guys, British food is good. Fish and chips, bangers and mash, Sunday roasts, pies, English breakfasts – what’s not to like? But if you’re an international student like me, there comes an inevitable point in life where all you want is some good old comfort food from home (usually in the form of a hot steaming bowl of rice 🍚 or noodles 🍜)! Now this is where I come in, I’m a self-proclaimed food aficionado and this is my guide to the best places in Brum to get a taste of home.    1....

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8 Chinese New Year Traditions and Superstitions You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s Chinese New Year! Growing up as a Malaysian Chinese, CNY was pretty much the biggest celebration of the year for my family. Now I know the first thing most of you probably think of when I say CNY is lion dancing. But Chinese New Year isn’t all about fun and games guys! Traditions, customs and superstitions are deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. So here are 8 Chinese New Year traditions and superstitions you didn’t know existed!   1. No sweeping the floor Sweeping the floor on the first day of Chinese New Year is a huge no-no because...

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How To Survive A Freshers Hangover

The party last night was lit, you had the best night of Freshers so far. But come the next morning, you wake up and your head is banging, you feel nauseous, dizzy, exhausted and dehydrated. Ah, the dreaded Freshers Hangover! Don’t panic – it’s just part of a rite of passage we all go through. You will survive… IF you follow our 8 steps to surviving a Freshers Hangover. 1. Avoid it Like the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The best way to get over a hangover is by not getting one in the first place!...

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10 Things You Must Do in Birmingham

Birmingham! The UK’s second city. Being a historically industrial city, not many people think of Birmingham when they think “fun” or “culture”. Well I beg to differ! After 3 years of living in good old Brum, I’ve grown to love the place and there really are some amazing places to see and things to do. 1.Take a walk along the canals Did you know that Birmingham has more canals than Venice? Bet you didn’t. Brum has 35 miles of canals and waterways whereas Venice only has a measly 26. HA! The seemingly endless network of canals is an amazing...

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10 Freshers Fails to Avoid

The time has finally come! After months of hard work and thousands of Red Bulls, you’ve smashed your A-Levels and you’re off to uni! Now I know you’re looking forward to a year of partying, socialising and drinking. Oh, and studying. But before you get carried away, keep in mind that your first year of uni will be filled with traps and potholes just waiting to ensnare you. Constant vigilance is of the utmost importance! So without further ado, here are 1o Freshers Fails to avoid… 1. Blowing all your money Coming to uni, some of you will be...

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