Name: James

 Favourite Music Genre: Tech House

 Sports Club: Dance

 City: London 

 Course: BSc Marketing

 Crisps: Monster Munch Flamin’ Hot

 Dream: To go on Big Brother and win, obvs. 


 Name: Kamran

 Drink: Strawberry and Lime Koppaberg

 Dragon Ball Z character: Piccolo 

 Takeaway: Chicken Chow Mein

 Sauce: Tomato Ketchup

 Course: BSc Computer Science

 One thing you can’t leave without: Camera

 Name: Kimberly

 House: Stark

 Patronus: Direwolf 

 Named after: Pink Power Ranger

 Phobia: Cats

 Course: BSc Business and Management

 Rugby position: Hooker

 Name: Jord

 Drag queen: Bianca Del Rio

 Known for: Goat impressions 

 City: Amsterdam

 Saturday night bop: Jump – Madonna

 Job: Keeping the Aston Life team in check!

 Fact: I was in Skins (remember that?)

 Name: Halil

 Position: Central attacking midfield

 Nickname: Turkish Delight

 Boyband: Arctic Monkeys

 Destination: Istanbul

 Course: BSc Industrial Product Design

 Favourite Meme: Avocado, thanks

 Name: George

 In-game name: DoubleLuckstur  

 Overwatch main: Roadhog

 Football match: Norwich 2-0 M’boro @ Wembley

 Computer build: i7-6700K, GTX 1080 (I could carry  on!)

 Course: BSc Computer Science

 Coder: True

 Name: Claire

 Bond: Moore

 Pet hate: Rogue apostrophes 

 Vino: Anything but Chardonnay

 Favourite accent: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE

 Course: BSc English Language

 Where to find me: At the cinema